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The best Veterinarian Clinic you could ever go to. The compassion they have for your beloved pet combined with the brilliance of Dr. Steve and staff are a winning combination. You will never regret your decision to give your pet the best care there is. – Linda, Grand Prairie, Alberta

Wonderful facility and staff. Recently had to put my Chocolate Lab Bluey down (old age). Bluey was cared for his entire life by Karen and the wonderful staff and I will miss my visits to the clinic. Thank you all for looking after Bluey over the years. – Andy, Edmonton, Alberta

After 17 wonderful years, we’ve just said goodbye to our cat Bailey. He received the absolutely best care from Dr. Marshall and we received the advice and support we needed as we tried to make the most of his last days. I can’t say enough about the Clinic and the kindness they have shown to our entire family. – Carla and Tina, Edmonton, Alberta

Dr. McLachlan saved our fur baby Lump. He was diagnosed with compressed disc’s in his back and became partially paralyzed. Your clinic was recommended to us by friends and we couldn’t be happier! Lump is now back to playing with all his friends, his fur sister Turkey and those ever elusive backyard squirrels! There aren’t words to say thankful we are to your clinic and your wonderful staff! They made us feel like family!!! We tell all our friends to come see you!! – The Stamper Family, Lump & Turkey, Edmonton, Alberta

I brought my 10 year old Lhasa Apso Molson in on the referral of a friend. He had been diagnosed with Nasal cancer and I was heartbroken. Between the loving care of Dr.Marshall and Dr.Marsden and all the amazing staff they found he did NOT have cancer and have made amazing strides in dealing with his many allergies and issues. God bless all of you !!! Molson and I are forever grateful. – Tannis and Molson, Edmonton, Alberta

Dr. Steve is amazing. His integrated knowledge about conventional and alternative medicine creates a very powerful support for clients with often jaw-dropping results.

My husband had back spasms so severe he could not sit more than 30 seconds; treatment with physio and other conventional health practitioners made little progress; a couple of visits with Steve and he is fully recovered and stronger than ever.

I was scheduled for surgery for my foot as I had lost the cartilage in one of the joints; due to a family emergency I had to cancel the surgery and went to Dr. Steve for pain- he not only dealt with the pain issue but re-grew the cartilage in the joint so surgery was not required.

I have referred many of my friends to Dr. Steve with great results. He does a very comprehensive assessment in a holistic way, not just about the presenting issue and looks for the root cause not just treating the symptom. And he is a very nice person too. Dr. Steve also treated my “rescue Rotty” who had many health issues and he lived a great life for 15 years.

Thank you Dr. Steve for boosting the health in our living! – Darcey Marc, Edmonton Alberta

My Cody appears to be doing very well since his recent visit to Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic. He is about 13 years old but since his visit with Dr. Steve, he is now acting like an 8 year old.

I can’t express my gratitude enough for everything you guys did for Cody on his visit – the treatments & the emergency appointment. I had convinced myself that Cody would have to be put down & your care saved my “best friend”. – Deanna Poulsen, Edmonton, Alberta

I brought my dog Niko in to see Dr. Steve Marsden on Wednesday (Sept. 19), and I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone I met that day. Your clinic is wonderful in many, many ways and I feel very fortunate to have learned about it. Initially, I wasn’t sure about traveling for six hours in one day, on a boring road, with a very smelly dog :-), however, it was so worth the time.

For the first time in nearly a year, I felt like someone besides me actually cared to help Niko. I loved that the tests done brought back results while I waited. I loved the calmness and cleanliness of the office. I loved that it seems you ‘practice what you preach’ and there were no gruesome posters from drug companies advertising heart worm, ticks, fleas, or rabies medications/vaccinations, or shelves full of medi-cal food. I loved the spa music, the clean smell, and the chocolates on the counter 🙂 I loved Dr. Steve’s energy, calmness, awareness his explanations and, what I perceived, to be dedication and genuine concern for finding out what is going on with my dog.

I left feeling like there is hope for my dog. Even with the possible news that his skin issue could be cancer – I feel confident that Dr. Steve and his amazing team will be able to figure out what’s going on, provide my dog (and us humans) relief, and restore Niko’s health.

From the pleasant voice on the other end of the phone when I first called, to booking my next appointment, I was extremely pleased and am glad that I found you. I will be passing your name out to our clients and telling them it’s worth the trip.

From the bottom of my heart, and with the most sincere appreciation, thank you. – Tracie Nielson, Clever Canines, Calgary, Alberta

On the May long weekend our 5 year old daschund “Copper” went to the lake with us for the first time. When we came back home on Monday he was slow moving and by Thursday he was not moving at all – his front legs had gone out on him.

The “regular” vet recommended he be put down if there was no improvement…he didn’t improve and I shed many, many tears as we were told to get him to emergency immediately. I was told he needed surgery at a cost of $5 – 7K, with the odds of him walking again being less than 50%. The veterinarian that day couldn’t fathom why I wasn’t doing surgery and couldn’t believe that I was taking him home. I took him home, shed more tears and wondered what to do…my best friend (and Copper’s now, too) suggested the Holistic Clinic.

The very first time Dr. Steve saw him he told me he WOULD walk again. Fast forward 8 weeks and I have my little man back! He can run, jump, walk and do all the things before his little legs went out on him!

The staff and vets at the clinic are INCREDIBLE. Copper would stay for the day visits and was treated like a prince. Words can’t ever get across HOW thankful we are to have our dog back and better than ever. Conventional treatment is all I had ever heard of, I am soooooooooooo grateful for the healing hands and kind words of everyone in the clinic! – Barb Pearce, Edmonton

Thank you to the kind staff at Edmonton Holistic Vet Clinic. Over the past many years we have been taking our dogs to receive their vaccinations, assessments, and back alignments at your welcoming office. Your team has been so supportive and caring, not only to our four legged family members, but ourselves as well.

On behalf of our family, I would like to thank you for the beautiful transition from puppy to senior. Bosco remains strong in older age, and keeps on jumping and leaping.

Our previous golden mix Tasha, and most recently our beloved chocolate lab Jake, were put at ease, and with no rush. They were comfortable to their last breath. This team has thought of everything to put all our spirits at ease as we took these final steps.

Thanks to their honest and true words of wisdom, I believe that we have been able to offer our dogs the most enhanced life possible when it comes to health. Our dogs live strong and happy lives until the end, thanks to the help of this team. I completely trust that what this team does is for the benefit of the animal, not just ourselves. I’m happy to have my dogs, past and present, as patients of the EHVC.

I should also mention that the liver treats are a huge hit! – The Bounds Family

It was just over 8 years ago that I arrived with Mollie at Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic. The diagnosis was cancer, and it wasn’t looking good. The prior veterinarians had given her 3-6 months max.

Well, after several trips to Dr. Steve, and then follow up with my vet, Mollie managed to not last 6 months, but an amazing 8 years before she finally passed in febuary at 14.8 years (probably due to cancer in the end).

The support from the clinic was awesome, and the advice, herbs, diet changes, and general positive vibes helped keep her alive and able to enjoy a full life. She competed in agility until she was 12 years old. After that, as an older lab, she pretty well got to do what she wanted (except jump), including swimming with her life vest on.

Thank you Edmonton Holistic for all you did for her, and her little sister Spirit (aka “Miss Excess Heart Fire”), whose rash is limited to her feet, and a few other spots, but who still takes her herbs and diet, and who is coming up on her 13th birthday this week.

Though we haven’t been up to see you for several years, I recommend you to lots of folks with dogs with issues.

Thanks for helping me have quality time with my girls. – S Ruzek

The doctors at Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic are the best there is. My Oliver went there since the day we rescued him and he loved visiting the clinic, where liver treats rained from the sky! He especially loved Dr. Gina, and we love her also. She did everything for Oliver, as did all the others vets. When I am asked which vet took care of him, all I could say was all of them. When the time came to make that horrid decision that every pet owner has to they were the best. Everyone, and I mean everyone, came in to say good bye.

If you want the best care in the world for you pet you have to come here– Donna Hutchinson, Edmonton

I had a black Lab named Jazz. He was a very sick dog. He had many allergies and, as the runt of his litter, had a liver that was half the size of a normal dog’s. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I went to Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic. They started him on a raw food diet he went on to do well. I moved to central Alberta, where he eventually passed away. I was devoted to my dog, and had been told that with any other owner, he never would have lived so long. Initially, other veterinarians told me he would live no more than 1-1 1/2 yrs. Jazz was 5 1/2 when he ventured over the rainbow bridge. I credit Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic for the education they gave me, and the care they gave my beloved Jazz.– Carmen B

Amazing, amazing…please see the story of our dog, Chester, on this website, To Paralysis and Back: a dog’s diary.

As you can probably imagine, when our ten year old family member became completely paralyzed, we were devastated– all of us, from great grandparents to grandchildren and friends. Everybody who knew Chester and what a sweet guy he is was upset.

We thank God that our path led to the Marsden doctors and their kind staff. Otherwise we are pretty certain that Chester’s outcome would have been completely different. Chester’s recovery has been truly amazing. He runs and jumps around like nothing ever happened.

The only slight difference is his attitude. It’s like he had a near death experience and we truly feel that since then, he has become a more confident, life loving fellow. All in a good way. He is even sporting a new haircut! I think that we also appreciate him more than ever.

We are so grateful for the knowledge and kindness that the
Marsdens have and are forever grateful to everybody at the clinic. Sincerely, – Chester, the Farand family, and Chester’s buddies

Thanks to everyone for your special care and attention that you gave to my very special girl– Deb and always Kelsey Dux

I am so, so grateful for the assistance and guidance of Dr. Steve Marsden with prescribing Chinese herbs for my dog, Hudson. I am convinced (as are his other doctors and my colleagues) that using herbs not only prolonged his life but ensured quality of life. He was happy and enjoyed being a spoiled old “Bullie” since his chemodectoma diagnosis in March 2011. Around November 15, 2011, his liver began to swell and he became uncomfortable, resulting in a most difficult decision to euthanize him on November 20. He died at home on his favourite couch, surrounded by my family and me. I am so grateful to him and to Chinese herbal medicine, for giving me eight months more than expected with my dear Hudson. Your kindness and support will never be forgotten. – Adrien Zap and family, University of Florida

When our kitty, Kleo developed urinary crystals over a long weekend, we were in a panic! The Emergency Vet hospital wanted to start an invasive surgical procedure within hours. Given that Dr. Steve’s office would be open within hours, we waited & brought Kleo in. Dr. Steve administered a herbal tincture and 2 hours later, Kleo was out of danger & on his way to a speedy recovery without surgery!

Kleo melts in Dr. Steve’s arms and adores him & all the Vets he has seen at Edmonton Holistic Vet Clinic. Not only are we profoundly grateful for Kleo’s outstanding care, but also for the opportunity to provide Kleo with holistic, healthy and less-invasive options. Kleo is also a huge fan of acupuncture!

A HUGE Thank you to Dr. Steve and ALL the awesome staff at the Clinic!– Carol Anne Kunicki, Edmonton

“I thought I’d always had great veterinarians – but after my current dog developed bladder stones – and had to have three separate surgeries approximately one year apart – I looked for a different source of treatment that might cure him. I kept thinking that eventually he wouldn’t be able to have an operation each and every year and would have to die from this condition.

“After reading extensively online – I did find that other dog owners had success with naturopathic treatments – so I found myself making an appointment with the Edmonton Holistic Vet Clinic. It’s now been almost 2 years – and my dog is stone free and doing great. I’ve learned so much about holistic care for my dog – and I now even make his own food.

“I couldn’t be happier with the care, concern, and service that I’ve found at the Edmonton Holistic Vet – and my only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner!”

– animalhospitals.ca review

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Steve Marsden and staff. Dr. Marsden has done an outstanding job in healing my dogs. Im not sure my dog would even be here today without the outstanding care of Dr. Marsden. I HIGHLY recommend this clinic to anyone who loves their pets as much as I do.

– vetratingz.com review

“We have a puppy that has been having seizures since 2 1/2 months old. We went through several vets trying to find out what was wrong. The first few didn’t explain anything and told us to put him down. We finally found one who got us a diagnosis: Meningoencephalitis and an auto-immune disorder that was explained to us as similar to Lupus in a human.

“After several vet visits, visits to a specialist, more medication than any living being should have in a lifetime and more than $12,000 later, we were referred to Drs. Steve and Karen Marsden. We found them just in the knick of time. Our baby had suffered severe joint damage, stunted growth, internal bleeding resulting in a blood transfusion (in which he almost died) and other issues caused by all the harsh medications.

“Dr. Marsden cared about our boy and told us during the first meeting we had with him that he was going to get him off all the harsh medications and “introduce” us to our puppy. We didn’t know anything about his personality because he was a drugged out, zombie of a puppy from 3 months to 9 months old. Dr. Marsden did what he said. He introduced us to our baby!

“He still has several issues and most likely will for the rest of his life (whatever time he may have), but at least he’s now happy, playful and enjoying life. He’s off of everything but the phenobarbitol (which he’s being weaned off now) and is only taking herbs and homeopathic treatment. You wouldn’t believe it’s the same dog!

“I really can’t thank them enough for all the loving care they have given to our baby, and us. You may pay a bit more, but it’s worth every penny and then some. I would also like to say that the receptionists and support staff are the most loving, caring people we have dealt with in any clinic we have been to! Thank you Edmonton Holistic Vet clinic!!”

– animalhospitals.ca review

“If the usual western veterinary treatments don’t work or help support your pet while undergoing treatment, this is the place to go. Amazing results – virtually no side effects and best of all humane care for your pet. Absolutely no hesitation in giving this clinic the highest of recommendations.”

– animalhospitals.ca review

“Outstanding. Our preference for animal health care.”

– animalhospitals.ca review

“I want to thank you so much for taking such good care of Turbo. He is so special to me and I am grateful that I was able to bring him home. Every day I have him is another beautiful and happy day for me.

“The care that you give him is the best care that I could ever find – and that is never taken for granted. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything that you have done for my furry best friend.”

– Lorraine and Turbo, Edmonton

“We were reluctant at first to try a new vet, but the holistic vet clinic came at the enthusiastic recommendation of a personal friend. Their Rottweiler had been dying of a blood disorder that no other vet in Edmonton could treat – but Dr Marsden took their Rottie in and saved her life.

“We were amazed to hear this, so we gave it a try. We brought one, then eventually two, of our Shepherds there. The prescription treatment for one dog’s shoulder problem worked wonders; he was as fit as a fiddle within a week of seeing the vet.

“The front staff are also confidence-inspiring folks. They all truly seem to love their work there, and we feel that our pets are always cared for whenever we bring them in.”

– www.vetratingz.com review

“Thank you, Dr Marshall and all the wonderful staff at Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic, for your truly amazing and special care of our Spooky. You all helped to make the most of our time together and for that we will be eternally grateful.”

– Michael and Sarah Laforce, Edmonton


“I have had GREAT experiences with this vet clinic. They take the time to explain things to you and feed your pet the most delicious treats. The vets are a wealth of information regarding nutrition… Put healthy food in – have a healthier pet! Makes sense to me.”

“Steve is an exceptional veterinarian, who cares for your companion. He goes to the root of the problem instead of just masking the symptoms like common vets. You’ll find no revolving door here. The staff are great, friendly and informative. My allergy Golden flourished after consulting with Steve.”

– www.vetratingz.com review

“Thank you all for taking such good care of my little Wendel. He always looks forward to going to the vet, is never scared, and is always relaxed being around such compassionate and caring people.”

– Brett Gore, Edmonton

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