Surgery and Dentistry

Most routine surgical and dental procedures for dogs and cats are performed at Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic. People appreciate having spays, neuters, teeth cleaning, and biopsies done in a holistic fashion.

We only do a handful of procedures a week, so we don’t have to rush and can keep a close eye on your pet. Every second they are under anesthesia or waking up, there are two of us monitoring their heart and lung function. We don’t put them under for a moment longer than necessary and wake them up quickly and gently. Accomodations are comfortable and roomy, and we have herbs and homeopathics to speed recovery.

We don’t do all procedures at Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic. For difficult, dangerous or specialized procedures, we refer to the same specialty clinics around the city that we’d take our own animals if they needed that care.