Herbal Medicine

Many powerful new drugs are available only in plant form. They have the ability to do things regular drugs cannot, like reverse renal failure, relieve skin and bowel inflammation, halt joint degeneration, and resolve liver disease. Others offer new hope for killing cancer cells and bacteria, and stimulating immunity.

Herbal medicine effects are achieved through synergistic interactions amongst small amounts of several ingredients. This makes them safe, but also means they have to be artfully combined and prescribed properly for them to work.

No one was better at combining and prescribing herbs than the ancient Chinese, and we use their formulas frequently at Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic. These formulas have used and refined over centuries and have proven their safety and efficacy. About 50 or 60 are commonly used in veterinary practice, each with its own very specific indications. There are also several dozen western herbs to choose from if there is no appropriate Chinese herbal formula.