Our Green Clinic

Holistic practitioners and natural medicine doctors are concerned about the whole picture when restoring health – nutrition, hygiene, social interaction, clean air and water, and avoidance of toxins and pollutants. So we are always on the lookout for ways to make our clinic more green, and a healthy place to work in and visit. Here are the things we’ve been doing so far:

  • All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and cruelty free
  • We do all our laundry in-house, using a high efficiency steam washer and dryer to use significantly less energy and water
  • We recycle everything we can – plastics, glass, paper, etc.
  • Most of our staff bike to work. Some of them carpool
  • We use recycled paper and biodegradable office materials whenever possible
  • We used low VOC paint on all our clinic walls
  • We maintain a strong focus on minimizing hospital waste