Holistic Medicine

Why should you choose holistic medicine?
Most people turn to alternative medicine when routine medicine is too expensive or has too many side effects, or when their pet just isn’t getting better from drugs or surgery. They usually have the perception that holistic medicine will help at least a little, but the reality is that it helps tremendously.

Here at EHVC we are all conventionally trained vets – we perform all the usual surgeries and dental procedures and prescribe drugs ourselves, sometimes. But we’re also sold on the tremendous healing power of holistic medicine.

What is holistic medicine?
Say that your dog or cat is suffering from a few different disorders – stomach problems, itchy skin and arthritis, for example. Holistic medicine doesn’t look at your dog or cat as having three different problems. It works from the basis that those different disorders are somehow connected, and that the secret to health and permanent resolution of all complains is to find that connection. In short, holistic medicine treats the underlying problem – not just its symptoms. We look at the big picture.

Diet is often at the centre of an animal’s health complaints. Often owners have tried changing the diet already but haven’t seen any results. After we’ve seen your pet once or twice we can usually pinpoint what the problem is with the food, and institute a diet change that will provide a foundation for health and wellness in the future. Meanwhile, we provide immediate lasting relief with acupuncture and massage; manipulative therapies like osteopathy and chiropractic; and herbal medicine and homeopathy.

There are times when drugs or surgery are essential to providing that immediate relief. If they are needed we’ll tell you, and then use our methods to hasten healing and balance side effects.

What does holistic medicine offer?
That’s simple: Holistic health offers an improved quality and length of life for your animal. Your pet will be able to do more for longer rather than just get by. Sometimes we can even wind back the clock a bit. For sure, though, holistic medicine makes for a happier, healthier pet.