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Gmail veterinary scam Gmail veterinary scam

Don’t believe everything you read! Someone posing as an employee of our clinic has been emailing people at random, asking for personal contact information, as though to complete our files. If you’ve received an email purportedly from us, and it didn’t come from ehvclinic@gmail.com, then it’s not real, and you can disregard it  Read More →

Holistic Medicine for Breakfast Holistic Medicine for Breakfast

Our own Dr. Karen Marsden was once again featured on Breakfast Television. You can see why they keep asking her back! Pretty, informative, and a lot of fun. Get a chuckle out of these two segments! Segment 1 Segment 2  Read More →

Holistic Veterinary Medicine on Television Holistic Veterinary Medicine on Television

Our very own Dr. Karen Marsden is now appearing monthly on Breakfast Television. More people than ever are hearing about what a healthy diet and holistic medicine can do for their pets, and it’s never been more fun! Here are the links to her most recent appearance! I’m sure you’ll agree she’s a natural! Segment 1 Segment 2  Read More →

Immunity Improved in Dogs on a Whole Foods Diet Immunity Improved in Dogs on a Whole Foods Diet

A veterinary researcher at the Western University of Health Sciences in California has just published a study indicating that immunity in dogs is improved by feeding a whole foods diet. As far as we’re concerned at Edmonton Holistic, that just scratches the surface of the benefits of a whole foods diet. Hopefully there are more studies to come... [More...]

Edmonton’s newest TV celebrity! Edmonton’s newest TV celebrity!

Dr. Karen Marsden is about to become a regular on City TV’s Breakfast TV, after a stellar appearance on the show last week with her dog, Lulu. Lulu is also a natural! You can see them both at the following links: Click here for segment 1 Click here for segment 2 We may be biased, but we think she’s a natural. Now accepting autograph requests... [More...]