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Edmonton’s newest TV celebrity! Edmonton’s newest TV celebrity!

Dr. Karen Marsden is about to become a regular on City TV’s Breakfast TV, after a stellar appearance on the show last week with her dog, Lulu. Lulu is also a natural! You can see them both at the following links: Click here for segment 1 Click here for segment 2 We may be biased, but we think she’s a natural. Now accepting autograph requests... [More...]

An interview with Steve Marsden An interview with Steve Marsden

A while back, Dr. Steve was featured in the journal of the American Herbalist Guild for his unique background of treating both animals and humans. To read more about him, our clinic, and our modest hopes for helping usher in a new era of veterinary medicine, read all about it here!  Read More →

Police Dog Update Police Dog Update

Dr. Matthew Fricke, veterinarian for Bronko the police dog stricken with degenerative myelopathy, recently updated us regarding his condition: Bronko is doing very well (touch wood). He has remained on the job until his proper retirement date this November, and has had more than an extra year since his initial decline. He is happy, active, and comfortable,... [More...]

Animal Acupuncture: More Pets Get the Point Animal Acupuncture: More Pets Get the Point

The National Geographic News featured an article on animal acupuncture sometime back, which has just resurfaced. Click here to learn more about how acupuncture is increasingly attractive to veterinarians and owners alike as an option for managing difficult problems.  Read More →

To Paralysis and Back: a dog’s diary To Paralysis and Back: a dog’s diary

February 1, 2012 Chester, a beloved ten year old mixed breed pup, became acutely paralyzed at his acreage home west of Edmonton. Chester had slipped a disc in his neck and become completgely quadriplegic within a couple of hours. His owners, Sandra and Robert, were devastated. Chester had never been to see a veterinarian in his life, but Sandra... [More...]